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Live Photo Event ?

My name is Jean Gervasi, I live in Liege (Belgium) and I have been an event photographer since 2014

I started event reporting in 2013 with small party and clubs in my region. One year after, I made my first report in a big festival: Sunset Festival 2014.

Still in 2014, I joined Movetonight.com reporter team. Since then, almost all my WE are dedicated to photography, music and party.

Last year (2016) I finished my formation in Multimedia Writing and this year (2017), I registered myself as a freelance photographer (and web developer), that allows me to work on big event/project. Maybe yours ?

My Work


Small/Mid Size Parties

No matter the size of your party
Everybody need memories of what you created.

For this sort of event I can do all media works. A photo report (DJ, Stage, Crowd and Atmosphere) with a live broadcast of the party and/or a small video recap of your event.

Small/Mid-Size Party

Summary of small/mid-size parties I worked for

  • Owls ChapelFull access - 1800 people - Photos and Facebook Live
  • Chill2ChillFull access - 3000 people - Photos and Facebook Live
  • Jardin des CouleursFull access - 5000 people - Facebook Live
  • SurvivorFull access - 2000 people - Photos and Facebook Live
  • Glow'n DirtyFull access - 800 people - Photos and Facebook Live
  • Rock4FestivalFull access - Photos
  • Pat-B BirthdayFull access - Photos

All albums can be found on my Facebook Page and or Event Page


Many clubs still exist in Liège but when there is no music over there the Flemish region and and his clubs aren't far away. I already worked for some of them and still working with.

Indoor Festival

The Crowd, the Show, the Stage and Artistes. Only a few examples of magic to immortalize. I'm versatile and I can do the job you want like only stage and atmosphere photos, partygoers' photos, DJ and stage, ... Just send me a mail with your requests

Indoor festival

Summary of indoor festivals I worked for

  • HardbassPress (VIP) - 25 000people - Photos
  • ReverzePress (VIP) - 20 000 people - Photos
  • RampagePress (VIP) - 15 000 people - Photos
  • Les TransardantesFull access - 12 000 people - Photos
  • Bringing the MadnessPress (VIP-FrontStage) - 15 000 people - Photos
  • Pussy Lounge BEPress (Full access) - 5 000 people - Photos
  • Laundry NightFull access - 5 000 people - Photos - Live (for one DJ)
  • Netsky LivePress access (FrontStage) - 15 000 people - Photos

All albums can be found on my Facebook Page and or Event Page

Outdoor Festival

I am fortunate to live in a region with several of the biggest festivals and parties. It is always a pleasure to take pictures at these events and create unforgettable memories for all participants and organisation.

Outdoor festival

List of some Outdoor festivals I worked for

  • TomorrowlandPress (VIP - Stage) - 200 000 people - Photos
  • DaydreamFull Access - 40 000 people - Photos
  • Sunset/SunrisePress (VIP) - 15 000 people - Photos
  • The QontinentPress (VIP) - 30 000 people - Photos
  • KingsLandPress (VIP-FrontStage) - Photos
  • Decibel OutdoorPress (VIP) - 50 000 people - Photos
  • TimelessPress (VIP) - 5 500 people - Photos
  • The Big BounceFull Acces - 5 000 people - Video DJ Recap

All albums can be found on my Facebook Page and or Event Page

My Others Works


Livestream your event

Broadcast your event worldwide on Facebook, Youtube, ...

  • From 1 to 3 cameras with clear sound

    Sound directly come from mix table and an additional mic for the crowd
  • Record DJ by DJ

    After the event, I will cut the replay artist by artist
  • Increase the reach of your page

    Facebook LIVE is a quite new feature and can increase your reach by +300%
Jeremy Jamar (Hellomoon)

Livestream conferences

Facebook LIVE

No more spaces left at your event ?
You want a video replay of each speaker ?

I can stream your presentation from 1 to 3 viewpoint, incrust your PowerPoint and relay Comments, Tweets and reactions on a separate screen

Facebook Weekly Podcast

Increase your reach by streaming your weekly selection. Send me your tracklist and a pre-record set and I will do everything

  • Track nameTrackname will be sync with music on the wideo
  • AminationsCountdown, Glitches, Soundbar,... Everything to dynamize your set
  • LivestreamI will stream your podcast every week when you want

You just need to send me a pre-record set every week, I will render a video with all the effects and animations you want and stream it on your FB page went you want.

Drone shooting

You need an original point of view for your event/project ? It can be your house, an event, a landscape. Everything is different from the sky.

( /!\ Sometime flight authorization is required)

360° photos / virtual tour

If you have, a club, a restaurement, a shop or a house to sell ?
I can create a virtual tour with 360° photos and publish it on
Google Street View or on your website.

Virtual tours have an incredible visibility on Google (more than 50 000 views for this exemple)

Web Development

Your event needs a website ? No problem, I will integrate your design in a Wordpress or I will dev a complete website from scratch. 

If you don't have a web designer, no problem I can recommend many graphic with whom I have already worked

Workflow - Price List


My Usual Workflow

  • 01. Contact

    You explain me, what kind photos you want, all photo restriction, ...

  • 02. Event

    I take photos of your event. I can send you some pictures during the event via Messenger, Mail, Press-room, ...

  • 03. Prossesing

    Directly after the event I will process photos. Sort, edit, crop them and add your logo

  • 04. Uploading

    Usualy less than 48h after the event, all my photos are ready to be publish. I will send them to you for verification and uploading

Like my work ? Contact ME !

  • Contact Info

    Facebook Messenger
    +32 471 84 69 65
  • Who am I ?

    Jean Gervasi
    Rue Louis Bonfond, 24
    4020 Liege (BELGIUM)
  • More infos

    I speak French and English
    VAT : BE 0896.755.397
    I'm self-employed with SmartBE